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Panthers Claw Past the Bruins

By Tom Bilek 12/11/2022, 8:00pm PST

Being the #1 seed in the playoffs can have your advantages and disadvantages. In theory, you are supposed to have the easiest trip to the championship however all of the other teams are gunning for you. Some teams survive and win it all. Others struggle with the added pressure and don't accomplish their final team goal. Mission accomplished for the 12U Panthers. They won their semifinal game 6-3 over the Kings and downed the Bruins 5-3 in the final. Great job team. Congratulations!


By Tom Bilek 12/02/2022, 8:45am PST

2022 Fall League Chamberlain Cup Playoffs:

Monday, December 5th

830pm 17U Kraken (5th) 2 @ 17U Kings (4th) 3

Tuesday, December 6th

530pm 8U Kings (3rd) 3 @ 8U Panthers (2nd) 1

730pm 17U Golden Knight (3rd) 6 @ 17U Rangers (2nd) 7 SO

830pm 17U Kings (4th) @ 17U Panthers (1st) 1

Wednesday, December 7th

530pm 8U Rangers (4th) 5 @ 8U Kraken (1st) 3

630pm 10U Bruins (6th) 1 @ 10U Golden Knights (3rd) 2

730pm 10U Panthers (5th) 0 @ 10U Rangers (4th) 3

830pm 14U Bruins (3rd) 4 @ 14U Kings (2nd) 2

Thursday, December 8th

530pm 10U Golden Knights (3rd) 3 @ 10U Kraken (2nd) 4 OT

630pm 12U Kings (4th) 3 @ 12U Panthers (1st) 6

730pm 12U Kraken (3rd) 4 @ 12U Bruins (2nd) 9

830pm 14U Kraken (4th) 2 @ 14U Panthers (1st) 1 OT

Friday, December 9th

530pm 10U Rangers (4th)  2 @ 10U Kings (1st) 7

630pm 8U Final - Rangers (4th) 2 @ Kings (3rd) 1

8pm 12U Final - Bruins (2nd)  @ Panthers (1st) 5

Tuesday, December 13th

530pm 10U Final - Kraken (3rd) @ Kings (1st)

655pm 14U Final - Kraken (4th) @ Bruins (2nd)

820pm 17U Final - Kings (4th) @ Rangers (2nd)