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Important Dates and Updates!

- There will be a regular meeting this upcoming Saturday (July 21, 2018) at 6:00 PM at The Pizza Factory.  Agenda is located above. 

- Registration will be available on the TVIHA website soon, we are just waiting for SportsEngine to finalize it for Board review and approval. 

- Because of the increased light cost from the city, the Fall Registration fee will be $179.00 but not include a Reign ticket. We will have another fundraising event later where tickets will be sold for TVIHA's Reign game. 

- Assessment for Returning Players will be on August 11, 2018. 

- Make up Assessment for Returning Players will be on August 15, 2018.

- Assessment for New Players will be on August 18, 2018.

- Make up Assessment for New Players will be on August 22, 2018.

- Opening Day will be on September 15. 

The Board has been working hard, some of the things that we have been working on include:

- TVIHA's new address for mail receipt: 30650 Rancho California Road D406-78, Temecula CA, 92592

- Switching banks to Wells Fargo, this reduced the cost we were paying for bank accounts and now allows TVIHA to pay Referees and Scorekeepers with direct-pay. 

-Aquisition of a TVIHA credit card, all purchases and payments will be made using the credit card. This will prevent the need to reimburse members and increase transparency. 

- Completion of an SI-100 Form, this is an informational form required by the Secretary of State and the California Franchise Tax Board.

- Updating Bylaws, please see below; current bylaws can be found under the Meeting Minutes tab on this page.

- Developing a budget for TVIHA.

- TVIHA employment policy for minors. 

- TVIHA key policy

- TVIHA credit card policy 

-TVIHA referee payment policy

- Franchise Tax Board 3500 form

As mentioned above, below is a copy of the current Bylaws, and the three mandatory policies mentioned in the proposed bylaws. 

 If you have any questions please feel free to reach out. If I do not answer I will respond as soon as possible. 

-Adam Rideau


The Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association (TVIHA) provides three supervised programs for the youth of our community. The Recreation League is perfect for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. Winning of the game is secondary and that fundamentals, hockey skills and character development are of prime importance in the recreational league of TVIHA. The school league will provide the opportunity for in-line hockey players to represent their middle or high school and their community in an organized, competitive league. The Tournament Program is to offer a more competitive hockey experience, where in youth have fun, learn more about the game, test themselves in friendly competition, and grow through teamwork and  sportsmanship.  The teams are made up of our most skilled players.


Thank you for your interest in Temecula Valley Inline Hockey. We invite you to connect with us through the following applications. 


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    Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association  

    30520 Rancho California Rd. #107

    Temecula, California 92591

    Phone: (833)-468-8442