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The Temecula Valley Inline Hockey Association (TVIHA) provides three supervised programs for the youth of our community. The Recreation League is perfect for beginning, intermediate and advanced players. Winning of the game is secondary and that fundamentals, hockey skills and character development are of prime importance in the recreational league of TVIHA. The school league will provide the opportunity for in-line hockey players to represent their middle, high and elementary schools and their community in an organized, competitive league. This is not a beginners league. The Tournament Program is to offer a more competitive hockey experience, where in youth have fun, learn more about the game, test themselves in friendly competition, and grow through teamwork and  sportsmanship.  The teams are made up of our most skilled players.





Dear TVIHA Families,

On behalf of the board I am pleased to announce that registration for the 2020 fall recreation "PRACTICE ONLY" season is now open. Please fill out your child's registration for either session 1, session 2 or both practice sessions. Session 1 will be held the weeks of August 31-October 9.  Session 2 will be held the weeks of October 12-November 20. Each session will include one night of practice each week, on the same night with the same teammates (6 practices for $20). The registration deadline for season 1 is this Sunday, August 23.

We are in a pandemic so there are strict protocols that we need to adhere to if we are going to practice successfully. Our safety protocols are listed below. Practices will take place at the Margarita Park rink where there is less contact with other members of the public.


 1. Families will register at (registration link is on home page). Registration will include the typical information like age division, skater or goalie, the ability to choose session 1 and/or 2 and the need to get AAU insurance, electronically sign a participation waiver and your understanding of concussion protocol. If you have any requirements or requests we ask you to list them in the registration area. We are going to try and limit the group to 10 players and 2 coaches. We ask that parents wear masks to and/from the rink. If parents stay to watch we ask that you continue wearing your masks. Please use our AAU Club Code of WYD89T when purchasing insurance.

2. Parents are encourages to have their children dress for practice either at home or at their car in the parking lot. All protective gear will be required to participate. Players will be reminded to keep their gloves and helmet on even during water breaks. PLEASE ALLOW ADDITIONAL TIME FOR THE CHECK-IN PROCESS. We want all of the skaters to enter the rink at their scheduled time so arrive early.

3. Parents will check in their child at the TVIHA table on the sidewalk behind the visitor bench. At the table we will have a board member or coach stationed with gloves and a mask. That volunteer will take down the players name, age, parent name, phone number,  and they will take the temperature of the participant with a No-Touch thermometer. The temperature will be written down and assuming that player is 99.9 degrees or below they will be free to participate. We will be using a No-Touch Thermometer which can result in a higher than normal reading due to skin temperature. What this means is we would like you to get the temperature taken right away upon arrival to the park. Do not have your son/daughter running around in the sun prior to having their temperature checked. If your child registers a temperature of 100 degrees or more we will ask them to sit on the side for 10 minutes and than we will retake it. If your child registers at 100 degrees again they will be unable to participate that night. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

4. The player will continue towards the home bench and socially distance waiting inline at the home door for the coaches to bring the group onto the rink.

5. Once on the rink players will take their own personal water bottles and place them on one of the two benches. Coaches will spread them out and tell them which one.

6. During practice coaches will stress the importance of socially distancing while they wait inline for drills and a sticker will be on the benches socially distancing players during a water break.

7. At the conclusion of practice, players will grab their water bottles and follow a coach out the zamboni door of the rink (near the tennis courts) where they will meet their parents. Players are encouraged to wait on the benches there with their coach if the parent has not arrived. The check-in volunteer/coach will be extremely busy between sessions checking people in and other volunteer/coach will be on the rink spraying down and sanitizing the bench and board area where the previous players participated so we can prepare for our next group. PLEASE BE PROMPT WHEN PICKING UP YOUR CHILD.

8. Loaner gear will not be provided without making prior arrangements. 

We realize this is a lot of information to take in but we want to make the rink environment as safe as we can. 

If you have registration questions please reach out to Nicole Briney at If you are a coach and are looking to assist please reach out to Greg at I can also be reached at



Tom Bilek, President


2020 Fall Recreation League Registration Video

Thank you for your interest in Temecula Valley Inline Hockey. We invite you to connect with us through the following applications. 

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